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About Gerald Sheblé epmt inc
Energy and Power Management Technology was incorporated in 1994 to offer training services and market simulations.  Epmt has provided expert witness analysis, traditional power system analysis for operation and planning, as well as implementations of computational intelligence techniques.  Gerry Sheblé delivered one of the first market simulators for EPRI.  We have implemented forecasting tools using ARIMA and ANN methods.  We have performed operation analysis to downsize the number of control centers and then implemented those changes.  Epmt has presented on site workshops and seminars covering State Estimation, Optimal Power Flow, Forecasting, Demand Response Management, and Market Simulation.   
We understand the physical network laws for energy flows of electricity as well as gas, coal, and oil.  We have pioneered solutions to integrate wind energy with hydro pumped storage in California.  We understand the challenges of integrating renewable energy with traditional resources.
We understand the economic and financial implications of markets, renewable resources, cross subsidies, and tariffs.  We were one of the first to offer a market simulator using computational intelligence techniques.  We have expanded such techniques into control models integrated with financial models for capital budgeting.
Expanding Inside the Box Methods with Outside the Box Solutions™
We have made arrangements to team with experts from the United State, Europe, Mexico,  China, and Australia.  We partner with other international experts to provide the best team solution for the problems to be solved.