Gerald Sheble energy power management technology

Network Analysis,
Operation Analysis,
Unit Scheduling,
Pumped Hydro Scheduling,
Interchange Analysis,
Interchange Scheduling,
Probabilistic Production Costing, 
Renewable Integration, 
Reliability Analysis,
Fault Analysis​,
​System Planning,
Micro Grid Analysis and Design,
Tariff Support
Gerald Sheblé epmt Services
We  provide our clients high quality services optimized for their unique projects. We are available to step in to a project at any point of development or implementation. Our staff members are professional, unbiased and efficient.
Management Services
Organizational Analysis,
Data Flow Analysis,
Command Control Analysis,
Supply Chain Analysis,
Supply Chain Management,
Asset Management,
Dynamic Simulation of Organization
Economic, and Financial Services
Demand Response Optimization 
Multiple Markets Interaction,
Market Network Analysis, 
Fuel Contract Analysis,
Fuel and Hydro Scheduling, 
Real Option Analysis, 
Capital Budgeting, 
Tariff Design,
Electric Supply Chain Analysis,
Energy Supply Chains Analysis,
Renewable Energy Integration,
Valuation by Real Options
Traditional Power System Analysis
Tutorials on above service topics are available for on-site or 
for remote presentation through internet. 
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